Justice for William Westervelt and for the taxpaying residents of Martin County Florida.

To review the current case before Judge McCann of the many violations of the Martin County Sheriffs Department over seen by Sheriff William Snyder of the many violations of the Florida Statues including a cover up by Martin County Sheriffs Department in the attack of William C. Westervelt by law enforcement D/S Joseph Kukuvka. Violations to include destruction of evidence, manufacturing evidence, suppressing evidence to create false narrative to protect several employees of convictions.

William Westervelt was attacked two times in the Martin County jail by Deputy Joseph Kukuvka. Sheriff William Snyder, has gone to great lenghts to cover this incident up by destroying the video feed and falsefying evidence. The resident taxpayers of Martin County Florida and the resident taxpayers of Florida should support this initive as it would send a message to all law inforcement agencies that illegal behaviours that harm innocent citizens should not be covered up by fancy expensive legal firms at the taxpayers expense. Taxpayers must demand what lawsuits are these agencies are involved in and why? What are the costs associated with these law suits? Why are the lawfirms representing these agencis getting rich off of the little guy the taxpayer? William Westervelt is representitive of many incidents that happen on a daily basis. Is it not time to get involved?

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6 Responses to Justice for William Westervelt and for the taxpaying residents of Martin County Florida.

  1. Chief says:

    I could care less about this guy getting his ass beat. His record speaks for itself. Maybe a good whooping would straighten this guy out. What happened to the days were a deputy could take someone out back and beat some sense into them. Worlds gone to crap since those days were over. Its free rain on anyone and everyone. Anybody can do anything with out consequence. All because its “politically correct”.

    • D says:

      Right, corrupt criminal cops should be judge and jury and beat anyone they like

      What a MORONIC comment

    • Admin says:

      That is a beta-level comment. Political correctness has its place in limited amounts. I believe in respect for humanity, Responsibility for all parties, and redemption for those who want it and are willing to work for it. We have a fallen world of corruption, drugs, greed ignorance, insanity, a Godless and truthless society. Lord have mercy.

  2. Tax payer says:

    We as citizens have lost the right to be people!! We are prey to the illegal operations of the sheriffs dept. I think they teach them how to lie, plant evidence, and manufacture crimes. Why do we need so many cops??

  3. Louis says:

    I think all martin c0 sheriffs are corrupted and by vote should be disbanded we the people don’t need a sherriffs department.there only kasopos of the court

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