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Procedure was not followed purposely or business as usual?

By the time the hearings had ended neither ASA Nichols, nor Attorney Jerome Stone could provide one single piece of paperwork or evidence pertaining to the Aggravated Battery. It was also revealed that Judge Larry Shack, who originally sentenced William … Continue reading

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 By now, numerous officers had become involved and D/S Kukuvka gave the order that William must be apprehended at all costs before he could get to a lawyer or other authorities. D/S Kukuvka personally launched a full scale manhunt for … Continue reading

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Aggravated Assult

William was able to call 911 and reported the attack. D/S Lori Kandill was dispatched and upon arrival she immediately called for an ambulance, due to William’s injuries. During this time several other Deputies arrived, including D/S Joseph Kukuvka. D/S Joseph Kukuvka … Continue reading

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William the victim of the Aggravated Battery

The family then contacted the Fla. State Attorney’s Office, Nineteenth Circuit and the Martin County Clerk of Courts and it was learned that Attorney Stone had indeed plead William to an Aggravated Battery involving a car collision. The family was stunned … Continue reading

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Led to a plea of 20 years for a crime he did not commit.

In January of 2006, one of the powerful psycho-tropic medications William had been prescribed, Haldol, was abruptly discontinued without warning. And later, in March, an incident occurred in which the jail medical department administered William the incorrect dosages of one of the most … Continue reading

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In the Beginning

On November 29, 2004, William Westervelt was arrested by the Martin County Sheriff s Office (M.C.S.O.) numerous serious felonies. According to reports filed on the morning of 11/28/04, William broke into the home of his ex”‘girlfriend, Marie Becker Smith, and … Continue reading

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Crowder lies about what he told NAACP

Robert Crowder continues to lie about all sort of things. In this article by Kathleen O’Brien, Fort Pierce, she highlights how he continues to deceive event the NAACP. Check out this great story.

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The Corruption of Absolute Power

Once again, the maximum that absolute power corrupts absolutely rings true in this account of how justice became cross’-threaded in Martin County, Florida. Checks and balances of established procedures have been manipulated by those sworn to uphold the very core … Continue reading

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