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Sheriff Robert Crowder hires law firm for Civil Suit

Martin County Sheriff Offices hire Purdy, Jolly, Giuffreda & Barranco, P.A.  of Fort Lauderdale to represent Sheriff Robert Crowder,  D/S Joseph Kukuvka, D/S Dennis Fritchie,head of Internal Affairs Division, D/S Brian Gervias in Blacked out video civil suit.  The tax … Continue reading

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Video File of Aggression Threat Caught on Video

Here is the actual video of Deputy Sheriff Kukuvka verbally abusing William Westervelt.  Please make sure to check out the original blog posts: Aggressive Threat Caught on Tape

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Breaking News! Sheriff Crowder Named and Served for Civil suit for blacked out Video.

Part II of the Aggressive Threat caught on Tape. SUMMONS ISSUED TO ROBERT L CROWDER,TODD NEIL,DENNIS FRITCHIE,BRIAN GERVAIS,SUSAN CLONAN,JOSEPH KUKUVKA HAND TO MARTIN COUNTY SHERIFF. Received in December 2009, was a forty two (42) page investigation report pertaining to the … Continue reading

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Mediocracy or Corruption?

This information is only a fraction of the unbelievable journey that continues to unfold for William Westervelt and the family. Despite the the numerous incriminating document, reports and evidence Sheriff Crowder and State Attorney Bruce Colton repudiate the family’s many attempts … Continue reading

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How could they get it so wrong?

In March of 2010, the family obtained a series of M.C.S.O. dispatch call logs. (Dispatch call logs are typewritten records of actual radio transmissions.) During Williams’s original prosecution, ASA Vickie Nichols released dispatch call logs, which she planned to use … Continue reading

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Twitter shuts down “Whydotheylie” account

It took all of 10 minutes to shut down the new twitter account, right after we asked Sheriff  Crowder to explain where the vehicle storage report was. Why? Did the Sherif complain to Twitter? Is he still trying to hide … Continue reading

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Florida State Notary Reprimaded

 On July 8th 2012,  Notary, Ms. Melanie Coons – Notary Public Commission # DD226350 was formally reprimanded for notary misconduct  by the Office of the Governor, Notary Section Tallahassee Florida. Ms. Coon’s whom is now a Judicial Assistant for the … Continue reading

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Where is the Vehicle Storage Report?

On July 24, 2009, the third and final day of hearings, immediately after the last witness had testified, Judge Sherwood Bauer opened a folder and read from a pre-written order denying William’s post-conviction hearing. Thereby concealing the crimes committed by … Continue reading

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Aggressive Threat Caught on Tape

During the hearings, William was returned from prison and incarcerated in the Martin County Jail. On July 17, 2009, (day two of the hearings) William was brought down to the holding area of the jail to await transportation to court. … Continue reading

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