Breaking News! Sheriff Crowder Named and Served for Civil suit for blacked out Video.

Part II of the Aggressive Threat caught on Tape.


Received in December 2009, was a forty two (42) page investigation report pertaining to the two attempted attacks on William by D/S Joseph Kukuvka while in the Martin County Jail. This sham investigation and report contained falsified witness statements by numerous M.C.S.O. personnel, and a typed written version on what occurred on the video surveillance footage.

The report concluded with the M C.S.O. claiming that William had lied about the incidents and finding D/S Joseph Kukuvka not guilty of any wrongdoing. Although, the CD containing video surveillance footage was provided many months later and with many FS 119 requests. PLEASE SEE ATTACHED VIDEO.

However, the CD of the jail’s servalliaence video not contain the complete time frame in which the incidents took place, and had been repeatedly requested in the many FS 119 requests. 

Why? Because the deputy explained to a family member that Internal Affairs(LT. Fritchie) only requested a specific time frame which was different from William Westervelt’s original and the many FS 119 request’s to follow. 

Why? When the 2nd aggressive incident was initiated against William by D/S Kukuvka which was more egreejus and could be devastating to the M.C.S. O/Martin County Jail if exposed.  What to do? Send the family a blacked out CD  during the second allegation time frame. Which Martin County Sheriff’s Department did. 

The family immediately contacted the M.C.S.O. and demanded the complete time frame requested. They were then given the runaround for the next eight months.

Finally, a court order was sought and in November 2010, the M C.S.O. turned over a second video. Upon reviewing, it became apparent that the M C.S.O. had criminally deleted nineteen (19) minutes of the video footage in which the incidents took place. Since then the M.C.S.O. has refused to cooperate any further.

 Currently there is a civil suit pending against Sheriff Robert Crowder, and several members of the M.C.S.O. in comlection with the criminally deleted video footage. The Martin County Courts have, and continue to hinder this civil suit at every step of the way.


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