Photographic Evidence proves that Vickie Nickels and Sheriff’s Department Lied! Free Wiilliam and send him home.

Vicki Lynn Nichols lied and manufactured evidence on this case. Pictures worth a 1000 words. Martin County Judges covered her a….. and the Martin Co Sheriffs Dept. for creating and contriving a case that never existed. I am not finished with Ms. Nichols yet.

Martin County Florida Is Corrupt

As these photos along with several more appeared only after William was illegally duped into pleading guilty for this crime of “Aggravated Battery” with a vehicle where he actually was the injured party. These pictures clearly illustrated  that this car did not t-bone Marie Becker’s car( his ex-girlfriend). However, the passenger side door panel a dent is visible under the plastic and the window is broken. Why? Because his car was T-boned by Ms. Marie Becker and Alfred Skilling. They are the people that should  be in jail for Aggravated Battery. 


Photo 1: Interior

DSC 0006


Photo 2: Left Side View

DSC 0004

 Look closely as you will see damage inflicted by Marie Becker Smiths blue mustang. Sorry no picture of Marie Becker’s car either. Somehow that detail was also over looked.  So without pictures and with testimony from the first responder D/S Lori Kandill indicating in her report that William was…

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