Florida State Notary Reprimaded

Martin County Florida Is Corrupt

 On July 8th 2012,  Notary, Ms. Melanie Coons – Notary Public Commission # DD226350 was formally reprimanded for notary misconduct  by the Office of the Governor, Notary Section Tallahassee Florida.

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Ms. Coon’s whom is now a Judicial Assistant for the  Honorable Judge Darren Steele of the 19th Circuit Court in Stuart Florida was reprimanded for Notary misconduct due to a document she incorrectly notarized in 2006.(Second Amended Information crafted by State Attorney Vicki Nichols) To date, Ms. Melanie Coons still refuses to comply with the Governors Office request. 

Why is this important?   The relevance and validity of this document in question ( Second Amended Information) is paramount, as it is tied to a series of surreptitious acts of errors and omissions of the Martin County State Attorney Office, in which Ms. Melanie L. Coons was an employee at  the time of this paperwork scandal. 

The Second Amended information Document…

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  1. Richard says:

    As a result of a fraudulent as well as an illicitly detained horrific experience through my stay I have seen most deplorable conditions of violence on inmates; in particular one who was beaten with an inch of his life. Currently suffering irreversible neurological and motor function capacity. Secondly, I was detained for 334 days and was not only denied “Dueprocess but was additionally held on a bond so unreasonable it’s unconstitutional and directly violates our 6th and 8 Amendment rights. This is not only 1 personal matter, rather a correlation of 9 others civilly suing via “Class Action”. You see where Mr. Mirman is now ??? Darren Steele is my perpetuating target as I am determined to place him where he belong. He’s CANCEROUS and toxic to our Society

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