Judge Darren Steele JA Melanie L. Coons receives reprimand

Ms. Melanie Coons received a Formal Reprimand from the Governors Office but still refused to comply with the States request. Why? Because she worked with State Attorney Vicki Nichols to contrive a case against William Westervelt. After 10 years of collecting evidence, I am going after Vickie Nichols. I will not rest until she is exposed for her illegal activities.. Is this how she has to win a case or practice law by cheating? Stamford graduate?

Martin County Florida Is Corrupt

One year has passed, still Ms. Melanie Coons J.A. for Judge Darren Steele,  still  refuses to answer a direct question by The Executive Office of the Governor, Notary Division. Instead,  Ms. Coons has committed libelous attacks on the character of Ms. Smith, William’s sister.  

The Governors office requested,  Ms. Coons  to answer as per Notary Sect. 117.05(4)(d) ” The exact date if the notarization” on the Second Amended Information that was tied to surreptitious acts. The same document that was illegally filed with the Clerk of the Courts by S.A. Vickie Nichols.

To date, Ms. Melanie Coons received a Formal Reprimand from the Governors Office but still refused to comply with the States request. Why? Why has Melanie Coons  chosen to  receive a Formal Reprimand and commit libelous attacks on a person she has never met before in lieu of answering one question about her work product? What is she hiding?

After 8 years of uncovering documentation, It…

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3 Responses to Judge Darren Steele JA Melanie L. Coons receives reprimand

  1. Steven says:

    I got news for ya, it’s not just her it’s at least two more female judges who are beyond BYIST, SEXIEST,and Corrupt in the Martin County judicial system…quick synopsis of what judge Roberts did to me was “I was physically attacked by 2individuals after being stalked from another neighboring county and the 4 individuals who all took part in the stalking and kidnapping of my 4yr old lil girl out of my car in broad daylight at Publix were set free and I was arrested and sentenced to 2yrs in jail and 2yrs probation because I defended myself and one of the perpetrators got punched in the face as I was defending myself from being hit in the head from behind as I was entertaining my car and they all showed up in court and were proven to be LIARS and the STATE dropped all the FALSE ALLEGATIONS against me yet she still sentenced me and gave the 4criminals not even a reprimand” so the WHOLE JUDICIAL SYSTEM in Martin Cty is a TOTAL CORRUPT JOKE if you ask me and all the judges should be DEBENCHED PERMINATELY!!

  2. laskodyrichard says:

    Being exposed to Martin County’s corruption has considerably altered my views of justice; as the dishonorable Darren Steele has not only infringed and desecrated the fair “Due Process” laws of trials and denied motions entitled to our constitution. He is also denying reasonable bonds and posing illegal sentencing to cases that surpass statutory guidelines inappropriate to reasonable sentencing. I have initiated a “Class Action Civil Suit” to have him placed as a pariah and abomination to otherwise integral court proceedings enacted and complied with in every County under Tallahassee and Florida regulation. His disposition is despicable and represents a threat to the beautiful Martin County area. His counterpart, Lawrence Mirman,has been forced into retirement as 2016 Investigation found him guilty for abuse of powers and many overturned appeals still prominent currently. Darren Steele, is a product of crimes against humanity civilly and legally. He a representation of toxicity and indecency and will be held accountable to fullest extent of the law. Allowing this person to not be held accountable is a paramount problem as well as an injustice to further degeneration of an already defective corrupt society. His “MALIGNANCY” must be extracted. Like lymphatic squamous cell carcinoma.

    • Admin says:

      It is astonashing how the Florida judicial system has become a punitive, selfserving and ruining so many lives in the name of justice. I am so thankful I do not live in this state it is a complete mess. Your clerk of the Court Marshia E. also was not interested in addressing the illegal notory document when she was serving in Tallahassee. I have come to find out over the years that the Clerck does not keep accurate records and I have called them out on it several times. Another sham being run by Marshia E.. Melanie Coons who signed the illegal document for Vickie Nichols SA for Martin County is now retired and Vickie Nichols is still part of the cesspool known as Martin County Judicial Circut/ 19th circut.

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