Mediocracy or Corruption?

This information is only a fraction of the unbelievable journey that continues to unfold for William Westervelt and the family. Despite the the numerous incriminating document, reports and evidence Sheriff Crowder and State Attorney Bruce Colton repudiate the family’s many attempts to speak with them.

As stated in the beginning, Law Enforcement Agencies, Local and State officials( William Snyder,Bruce Colton, Diamond Liddy, Nita Denton, Marsha Ewing ) as well as departments within the Governors office(Office of Open Government, Carolyn Timmann have all been made aware of the Martin County injustice. Yet, all  have refused to investigate or assist.    

This blog is designed to spotlight the past and current events of the Agencies of Martin County Florida and the inner workings through just one persons experiences.  One can only assume that there are many more experiences that are somewhat similar.   

This blog should invoke one to become more aware of what is being told or written to them by these local agencies to start  questioning not to retreat or become complacent. The average person is afraid to become involved or confrontational and that is where the trouble begins. 

Mediocracy  and/or corruption breeds when civil servants are in power too long. Sheriff Crowder are Marsha Ewing are two very good examples.  

This blog will continue magnifying the past and current mismanagement of Martin County Florida so  the citizens can be more aware of how their taxes dollars are are being utilized.

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3 Responses to Mediocracy or Corruption?

  1. misicpma says:

    This is an election year. Send your evidence to President Obama and you may get some action.

  2. 8ball says:

    I have heard some rumors concerning Bruce Colton and Judge Morgan that are very disturbing. If anyone would like to discuss this , please contact me . Buy the way, any threats directed at me will only serve to confirm what I have heard, and will be reported to Federal authorities.

  3. Myss V says:

    Who is the law firm that’s doing the pro bono work? Very similar situation and we need all the help we can get. This article has helped us a lot. Thank you so much.

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