Sheriff Robert Crowder hires law firm for Civil Suit

Martin County Sheriff Offices hire Purdy, Jolly, Giuffreda & Barranco, P.A.  of Fort Lauderdale to represent Sheriff Robert Crowder,  D/S Joseph Kukuvka, D/S Dennis Fritchie,head of Internal Affairs Division, D/S Brian Gervias in Blacked out video civil suit. 

The tax payers of Martin County will have to pick up the cost of a high priced law firm out of Fort Lauderdale for the alleged coverup of a D/S threatening an inmate in Martin County Jail,  then blacking out the requested video. 

Over two years have passed and many attempts,  via FS 119 requests, email, telephone calls and letters by William Westervelt and family members  to the  Martin County Sheriffs Offices to discuss and resolve this unfortunate event with no avail. 

This incident has now escalated to a level were a  civil suit was filed and attorneys that must be hired to protect these civil servants of possible wrong doing of infringing on a person (inmates) rights.   As this agency hires these high price attorneys and circle the wagons to protect their own the saying goes who has the most resources wins or do they?

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