Since the inception of this Blog.

Since the inception of this Blog, several events have taken place  which confirm that the individual and agencies involved in the scandal are not only aware of the Blog, but have also throughly reviewed it. They are now making attempts to cover their tracks and conceal their involvement. 

One of the more bizarre events was an Order of Dismissal entered by Martin County Circuit Court Judge F. Shields McManus on August 13, 2012. The Order of Dismissal retains to a motion filed by William and his family almost two (2) years earlier. The motion had stated that the M.C.S.O.had refused to comply with repeated requests to turn over the complete video surveillance footage which would have depicted two attempted attacks by D/S Josheph Kukuvka against William in the Martin County Florida Jail. A court order was sought compelling the M.C.S.O. to produce the video footage. 

The Motion was originally filed on November 1, 2010, and for several months the Martin County Courts and Clerks Office gave William and his family at the runaround before finally refusing to respond any further. 

For twenty-one (21)months this  motion was ignored by the Court and Clerk of the Courts. Yet, ironically, three (3) weeks after the posting of the Blog, the court made a decision to rule on the motion and stated in was done “on the Court’s own initiative.”

The Court further stated that the reason for dismissal was the lack of information pertains to the “Affidavit of Indigence.” This is the identical response recently given by Martin County Circuit Court Judge James W. McCann when the Fourth District Court of Appeals confronted him with the question as to why he has ignored the multiple fillings over the past year regarding he civil suit currently pending against Sheriff Robert Crowder and the M.C.S. O. .

It seems the appalling attitude in lack of diligence and justice in the Martin County judicial system shows no sign of ending. It is obvious these individuals, upon viewing the Blog, began examine the files and are making effort to clean up the neglected motion. 

The Order of Dismissal was created for the sole purpose of justifying and closing an intentionally neglected case. It  also clearly demonstrates the Court’s and Clerk’s involvement to continue to “making the myriad of mistakes”. Denying William and his family access to the Courts and volating their Due Process Rights, as they were effectively able to conceal the criminal and civil violations perpetuated by Sheriff Rober Crowder and the M.C. S. O. . 

 As demonstrated by documents and testimony  throughout this case beginning in 2006, The Martin County Justice System continues to stupefy this blogger with incompetence and/or unwarranted  work product. 

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