Standard of Care by our Elected Officials.

In the newspapers and on television, we hear  of many campaign promises by our elected civil servants.  How many of them will actually come true?

 One of the most important jobs of our elected civil servants is to over see the safety and rights of the American people.

Standard of Care intimates watchfulness, attention, caution and prudence that a reasonable person in the circumstances would exercise.

In Martin County Florida, the “standard of care” concept has vanished in many offices of our elected civil servants.  The Martin County Sheriffs Offices( under the direction of Sheriff Robert Crowder  not to exclude the employees Joseph Kukuvka, Lt. Fritchie, Susan Clonin, Terrance Nolan ),  Clerk of the Courts(under the direction of Marsha Ewing), State Attorneys Office(Bruce Colton, Diamond Litty, Nita Denton, Vickie Nichols, John Heatherington,Patrick Gillians.   The Office of Open Government ( under Carolyn Timmons), State Representative William Snyder, Judge Sherwood Bauer, Attorney Jerome Stone, Melanie L. Coons(notary which has been reprimanded by the Governors office)  are considered to be the worst offenders of this county. Why? As they have all been apprized or directly involved in the multitude of illegal, questionable, destruction and/or manufactured documents  to narrate the action to unduly send William Westervelt into incarceration.  

All of these civil servants and agencies are guilty of non compliance with the” Standard of Care” with the above information except to continue to either cover their inequities  with more false information  and/or disregard information all together.  

The Family of William Westervelt will continue to pursue and reveal the truth.  



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