Aggressive Threat Caught on Tape

During the hearings, William was returned from prison and incarcerated in the Martin County Jail. On July 17, 2009, (day two of the hearings)

William was brought down to the holding area of the jail to await transportation to court. D/S Joseph Kukuvka happened to be present booking a prisoner. Upon seeing William, D/S Kukuvka went berserk. D/S left his post of booking a criminal and walked through the doorway leading to the hallway. He aggressively approached William, who was walking within a group of inmates ready to enter a holding cell. D/S Kukuvka started ranting and raving, he located a vacant cell next to the holding cell and motioned for William to enter the vacant cell while yelling, “I’m gonna finish you for good this time”. William began pleading with the several other officers not to let this happen. Officer Kelly, who was nearby, realizing the magnitude of the situation, intervened and had William put back in the original holding cell, thereby preventing the attack. The unprovoked and aggressive actions toward William of D/S Kukuvka were caught on the continuous surveillance video within the Martin County Jail.

Around 20 minutes later, the holding door cell was opened and there in the doorway was D/S Joseph Kukuvka began punching him self in the face screaming, “I’m gonna get you” Officers, were again forced to intervene to control D/S Joseph Kukuvka . The continuous video that would have illuminated this act was sent to the family to view over a year later due to their attorneys insistence and was blacked out when received.

William was transported to court and immediately apprised his attorney of the attempted attacks.

e Immediately contacted William’s family, and later explained the incidents to Judge Sherwood Bauer on court record.

The family contacted the M.C.S.O. Internal Affairs Division, headed by the inept and inconsistent Lt. Dennis Fritche, and requested an investigation be conducted.They further requested a copy of the video surveillance footage.

This was immediately followed by a written request. Later that day the family personally spoke with Lt. Dennis Fritche who assured them that an investigation would be immediately conducted and the video footage would be obtained and sent to the family as requested.

To date, the second blacked out video illuminated the second aggressive threatening act of D/S Kukuvka perpetrated on William, has not been addressed by Sheriff Crowder. Sheriff Crowder refuses to address the issue even after several 119 requests and discussions with his Legal Counsel Terrence Noland.

William has filed a Civil Suit against the Sheriff Robert Crowder and D/S Kukuvka for the copy of the second video that was blacked out. FDLE is working on the case at this time.

A civil summons was serviced for the second video that was never produced , blacked out video, Sheriff Crowder never respond to several 119 requests and a FDLE report is in progress and forthcoming. 


Post Release Update:

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