Where is the Vehicle Storage Report?

On July 24, 2009, the third and final day of hearings, immediately after the last witness had testified, Judge Sherwood Bauer opened a folder and read from a pre-written order denying William’s post-conviction hearing. Thereby concealing the crimes committed by ASA Vickie
Nichols and D/ S Joseph Kukuvka.

After denial of the hearing, William was returned to prison where he and his family continued their efforts. After years of dealing with the corruption ridden departments, headed by Sheriff Robert Crowder within the M.C.S.O., the family made contact with Ms. Gloria Bush, the secretary for the M.C.S.O. Vehicle Impound Yard. It was only due to this woman and her honesty that on December 10, 2009, some six months after the hearings, that the family came into possession of the most incriminating evidence, consisting of photographs of William’s
Volvo, and impound documents and lack of documents and released evidence further solidified the criminal acts of ASA Vickie Nichols, D/S Joseph Kukuvka, and M.C.S.O. Clerk of Records, Susan Clonan.

To date and eventually admitted to by Susan Clonan(head of records for MCSO) 4 years later after the family’s exhaustive requests, the Vehicle Storage Reciept was never located. According to MCSO Legal Adviser, the procedure that must be followed and the primary document utilized for the standard operating procedure the Vehicle Storage Reciept to impound and tow all vehicles by the MCSO. Why is the Vehicle Storage Report so crucial? This document has a schematic of a vehicle. The D/S must “x” off and notate damage of the vehicle before it is towed into the MCSO impound yard so they can not be blamed for any damage to the vehicle due to impound. The Vehicle Storage Receipt was never even filled out because D/S would have to notate that the side of William’s drivers door was damaged due to Marie Becker and Al Skillman T-boning the car with the front of their blue mustang.

Marie Becker and Al Skillman were the ones that perpetrated the Aggravated Battery” on William. As noted in the Original D/S Lori Kandill report. Why no pictures of their car? Why no arrests for aggravated battery on William? D/S Kukuvka knows the answer to that question.

For years the M.C.S.O. and the State Attorney’s Office claimed no photographs or impound documents of the vehicle existed. ASA Vickie Nichols testified, at the hearing, there”were no photographs of the vehicle” and later testified she “didn’t even know what type of cars
they were”. Yet, dated notations, written by M.C.S.O. Crime Scene Unit Secretary Michelle Holcomb, reveals that the photographs were taken on direct orders from ASA Vickie Nichols.Review of the photographs clearly depict damage to the drivers side of William’s Volvo. This was also testified to by D/S Lori Kandill and is irrefutable evidence that was intentionally withheld.

Even more disturbing was that these intentionally withheld photographs and documents all bared the D/S Lori Kandill case numbers. The dated notations reveal that ASAVickie Nichols, working with D/S Joseph Kukuvka, used the D/S Randall case number to place ahold on the Volvo days after D/S Joseph Kukuvka criminally took possession of the vehicle.

This action justified the Volvo’s presence in the M.C.S.O. impound yard. In fact, the D/S Lori Kandill case number was painted on the rear windshield of the Volvo in ten-inch numbers at the direction of ASA Vickie Nichols. This is the case. number to the report that ASA Vickie
Nichols swore under oath that she “had never seen” and “never got that report”. Most importantly it is the report that has William listed as the victim of the Aggravated Battery he is currently in prison for.

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