Procedure was not followed purposely or business as usual?

By the time the hearings had ended neither ASA Nichols, nor Attorney Jerome Stone could provide one single piece of paperwork or evidence pertaining to the Aggravated Battery.

It was also revealed that Judge Larry Shack, who originally sentenced William in 2006, had not inquired into William’s mental state, whether he was on drugs or mediations at the time of the plea. These questions are required by law, and are set forth on a pre-printed form to ensure that a plea is knowingly and voluntarily entered.

Judge Larry Shack was well aware that William had psychiatric issues and was on multiple psycho-tropic medications. Months earlier, when he became aware of William’s mental health issues, he himself ordered a psychiatric evaluation. Incidentally, when the psych evaluation was performed, the doctor went through each and every charge and count 3 and 4 were never mentioned. Why? Because these counts were illegally added by State Attorney Vickie Nichols on the Second Amended information at a later date. As of July 2012. Notary Ms. Melanie Coons whom signed the Second Amended information in 2006 was just sent a reprimand by the Governors Office of Florida, Notary division, for not answering why the date was incorrect on the Manufactured Second Amended information. Yet somehow, these pertinent questions, as required by law, were overlooked.

Judge Larry Shack then went on to use the arrest affidavit as the factual basis in which to sentence William. Review of this affidavit reveals no information pertaining to the Aggravated Battery (car collision). Yet, this affidavit void of information was good enough for Judge Larry

It is now apparent, after review of the court record, transcripts and medication records, that while William was suffering the effects of being administered the incorrect dosages of psycho-tropic medications at the Martin County Jail by Armor Medical services , he was led into a plea negotiation by his attorney Jerome Stone. Who after incorrectly and negligently completing the paperwork, simply stoodby silently as crucial procedures were overlooked and William was sentenced to twenty (20) years in prison for an Aggravated Battery no one ever knew he had been charged with, was in fact the victim upon later review, a court record void of documentation and evidence for
that crime.

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