By now, numerous officers had become involved and D/S Kukuvka gave the order that William must be apprehended at all costs before he could get to a lawyer or other authorities. D/S Kukuvka personally launched a full scale manhunt for William, using multiple units and K- 9’s, shutting down all radio communications, and setting himself up as the command post.

 By now, William realized what was happening and that D/S Kukuvka was behind it. It also became apparent that if he was caught, his life could be in danger. He was in the mobile home park and knew it was only a matter of time before they found him. Using his cell phone he called 91 I and claimed to be at a nearby bridge and wanted to speak to an officer. This was broadcasted over the radio and the manhunt shifted to the area of the bridge.

 As stated earlier, William was arrested the following morning on November 29, by Sergeant Humphries, and D/S Oates, who without arrest warrants or search warrants, broke into several of the family’s rental units and brutally beat him.

Neighbors later told the family that had it not been for their intervention, they believed that Sergeant Humphries and D/S Oates would of killed William. It was said by Internal Affairs Sgt. Fritchie”he is lucky to be alive”. 

William was now in the Martin County Jail charged with multiple felonies fabricated by D/S Joseph Kukuvka. Paperwork would now be forwarded to the Martin County State Attorney’s Office and the charges would be investigated before prosecution began.

D/S Kukuvka sought the help of Martin County Assistant State Attorney Vickie Nichols. ASA Nichols, who was involved in the last set of charges fabricated by the M.C.S.O., agreed to help.

Conspiring side by side, ASA Nichols and D/S Kukuvka destroyed and concealed reports, documents and evidence. Once this was out of the way they went on to criminally manufacture a series of completely fictitious events, testimony, documents, and evidence to D/S Kukuvka, the M.C.S.O. and prosecute William.

This was easy to accomplish as William was highly medicated, being held in solitary confinement, represented by a Public Defender, and his family was over a thousand miles away. 

In January of 2007, the Honorable Judge Bellanger granted a hearing to address issues pertaining to, the manufactured Aggravated Battery, William’s mental state at the time of plea, and the legality and brutality which occurred during William’s arrest.

The hearing did not commence until June 2009. During that time, the family continued make their request for further documentation.

Through countless hours of research, the family became aware of the M.C.S.O. procedures when impounding a vehicle. These consist of the filling out of forms, diagrams of damage and photographing the vehicle. All of which must be completed prior to impound. To date, after numerous requests, the M C.S.O. claims these items cannot be located.

As the end of 2007, with the hearing looming, and the family’s persistence in trying to obtain the impound documents and photographs, ASA Nichols and D/S Kukuvka were forced to reveal their criminal actions to Martin County Sheriff Robert Crowder, and State Attorney Bruce Colton.

Rather than launch an investigation, and correct the injustice, the decision was made to “circle the wagons” and partake in the concealment of the crimes committed by ASA Nichols and D/S Kukuvka, and further avoid civil litigation.

Their first order of business was to enlist the cooperation of M.C.S.O. Chief Records Clerk, Susan Clonan. The documented criminal and civil violations committed by Susan Clonan over the years are too numerous to list. Susan Clonan not only participated in the criminal manufacturing, and destruction of documents and evidence, but went on to give false testimony under oath during a court proceeding in order to conceal the criminal acts of ASA Nichols and D/S Kukuvka.

Their second order of business was to secure the cooperation of Judge Sherwood Bauer, who had been assigned to preside over William’s hearing. Upon being made aware of the situation and the repercussions if this came to light, Judge Sherwood Bauer agreed to cooperate..

Once again, the documented due process violations and episodes of outrageous conduct that William suffered at the hands of Judge Sherwood Bauer are too numerous to list.

Despite being shown criminally manufactured and forged documents (most of which bare ASA Vickie Nichols signature), exculpatory evidence which had been withheld by the State, medical records pertaining to William’s mental state at the time of plea, and sworn testimony that certain documents and evidence had simply vanished from the M C.S.O., State Attorney’s Office, Clerk of Court, and Attorney Jerome Stone’s office, Judge Sherwood Bauer was not moved.

Even more disturbing was that D/S Lori Kandill, a twenty two year veteran of the M C.S.O., had been fired by Sheriff Robert Crowder within days after being served the subpoena to testify at the hearing. Upon failing to appear, William’s family hired a private investigator to locate an serve D/S Lori Randall a second subpoena to appear. Once located, D/S Lori Randall explained she had been fired by Sheriff Robert Crowder for stating that she planned on testifying truthfully at William’s hearing. She also had been threatened by D/S Joseph Kukuvka, and other members of the M.C.S.O. if she came forward.

D/S Lori Kandill was forced to testify, she appeared in court dirty, disheveled, and crying as she was led arm in arm into the courtroom by ASA Vickie Nichols. Although coerced by ASA Vickie Nichols, who gave hand head gestures throughout her testimony, D/S Lori Kandill still revealed that William had called 911, his car had been hit in the drivers side, and William had been attacked and was bleeding. Throughout her testimony  when questioned about additions to her report she blurted out “It’s Joe’s”‘ (meaning D/S Joseph Kukuvka). Court transcripts available. 

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