Aggravated Assult

William was able to call 911 and reported the attack. D/S Lori Kandill was dispatched and upon arrival she immediately called for an ambulance, due to William’s injuries. During this time several other Deputies arrived, including D/S Joseph Kukuvka.

D/S Joseph Kukuvka seized the opportunity and located Marie Becker- Smith and Alfred Skillman. Under the threat of arrest, for the multiple serious felonies they had just committed, Smith and Skillman agreed to cooperate with D/S Kukuvka in the manufacturing of events relating to the Aggravated Battery.

This is the incident for which William was later charged with and was currently serving the twenty year prison sentence for.

D/S Joseph Kukuvka was able to intercept the paperwork and photographs filed by D/S Lori Kandall, and made arrangements to meet Smith and Skillman the following night when he came back on duty.

By the following night when he came back on duty, his plan was beginning to fall apart due to the incident in which newly ex-girlfriend Smith claimed William broke into the home early in the morning. In actuality, William was retrieving his belongings as it was the place of his legal residence;
and was once again attacked. This too would later be concealed by the Martin County Sheriff s Office and Assistant State Attorney Vickie Nichols.

It was now Sunday evening and D/S Kukuvka knew that on Monday morning detectives would be assigned the new case and begin their investigation. It would only be a matter of time before the concealment of the Aggravated Battery (car collision) came to light.

In desperation, D/S Kukuvka met with Smith and Skillmanand planned an armed attack on William. D/S Kukuvka explained that in order to avoid arrest for the felonies they had committed during the car collision and attack, they must partake in this plan. He assured them he would take care of everything else.

The plan entailed locating William and brutally beating him. Afterwards they were to call 911, and D/S Kukuvka would be waiting nearby to implement his own manufactured set of events in which Smith and Skillman were the victims of the attack. Smith was aware that William was currently at one of his family’s mobile home rental units. After securing the help of her brother, Joseph Becker; Marie Becker- Smith and Alfred Skillman  drove to the mobile home park in search of William.

William was at his mother’s residence, which was also the mobile home park office, when he heard Smith’s vehicle pull up. William went outside, and immediately Skillman and Becker jumped out of the passenger side of the vehicle brandishing a baseball bat and pipe.

In fear for his mother’s and his life and safety, William was able to fend off the attack by throwing several landscaping bricks. One of which went through the windshield of the vehicle.

Smith began screaming and Skillman and Becker jumped back in the vehicle and fled.

They immediately met with D/S Kukuvka and D/S Biaselli and quickly a new set of events was fabricated and manufactured. Once this was accomplished, D/S Kukuvka had them call 911 and had Becker, Skillman and Becker-Smith claim that while driving down the main road William randomly jumped from behind a tree and threw a brick through their car windshield.

The 911 Operator dispatched D/ S Rebecca Bagley. Upon arriving at the scene, D/S Bagley was met by D/S Kukuvka, who without authorization relieved D/S Bagley of her assigned dispatch and replaced her with D/S Brian Scott. D/S Brian Scott and D/S Joseph Kukuvka went on that night to falsify reports, manufacture and destroy evidence, and later impound William’s vehicle and conceal it in the Martin County Sheriff’ s Office Impound yard for over a year.

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