William the victim of the Aggravated Battery

The family then contacted the Fla. State Attorney’s Office, Nineteenth Circuit and the Martin County Clerk of Courts and it was learned that Attorney Stone had indeed plead William to an Aggravated Battery involving a car collision.

The family was stunned as they were in possession of all paperwork involved with William’s charges and not one page or word pertaining to a vehicle collision existed. All further attempts to speak with Attorney Stone went unanswered as Stone refused to cooperate.

They then requested the State Attorney’s Office to turn over all documentation used to charge and convict William of the Aggravated Battery. They refused to comply.

A year and a half later, in October 2007 (and only due to an error made by a junior clerk working within M.C.S.O.) a nine page report pertaining to the Aggravated Battery (car collision) was unearthed.

The report was written by Martin County Deputy Sheriff Lori Kandill. Upon review of the report it became apparent that someone within the M.C.S.O. had later added pages to this report. Incorrect dates, identification numbers, additions to statements, and page renumbering by hand, were just some of the inconsistencies present.

Most disturbing was that the report listed William as the victim of the Aggravated Battery in which his attorney Jerome Stone let him plead out to, and William was currently serving twenty years for.

Over the past five years, since obtaining the mistakenly released report, the family has fought tirelessly with Martin County Authorities and agencies locating further information. Finally, based on newly discovered documents, reports, sworn testimony, and evidence now obtained, the following story has now been uncovered, and revealed.

Eight months prior to the charges William was currently incarcerated for a series of events that took place involving a Martin County Deputy Sheriff Joseph Kukuvka.

In February of 2004, an incident took place in which William was falsely arrested by Martin County Deputy Sheriff Joseph Kukuvka. D/S Kukuvka enlisted the help of other members of the Martin County Sheriff’s Office to assist him in the manufacturing of the falsified charges. Due to eyewitnesses who later came forward, the truth was uncovered and the falsified charges were quietly dismissed. Enraged, D/S Kukuvka and other members of the Martin County Sheriff s Office began harassing William.

Several months later, in August 2004, William was once again arrested by the Martin County Sheriff’s Office on falsified charges. Shortly thereafter, these too were quietly dismissed.

Finally, in November, William and his girlfriend, Marie Becker Smith, who lived together, began to argue. It was during this period, on November 28th at 1:OOam that Smith, in a drunken, drug induced rage, rammed her vehicle into the driver’s side of William’s vehicle. Upon exiting the vehicle, William was attacked by Smith and Alfred Skillman (a known drug addict and street dealer), who was in the car. While William struggled with Skillman, Smith struck William several times on the head with a car jack. Smith and Skillman immediately fled the seen leaving William semiconscious and bleeding from the head wounds.

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