Led to a plea of 20 years for a crime he did not commit.

In January of 2006, one of the powerful psycho-tropic medications William had been prescribed, Haldol, was abruptly discontinued without warning. And later, in March, an incident occurred in which the jail medical department administered William the incorrect dosages of one of the most crucial mind altering psycho-tropic medications, Depakote (Valporic Acid), causing multiple psychiatric symptoms to arise.

After several weeks of receiving the incorrect dosages, William was taken to court and led into a plea of twenty (20) years state prison-by his attorney Jerome Stone.

Upon learning of William’s sentencing, the family contacted Attorney Stone, who stated after extensive review of the facts, evidence, and the possibility of William receiving a life sentence, he felt it was in William’s best interested to take the plea. Although, extremely upset, the family trusted Attorney Stones judgment.

Shortly after the sentencing, William was transferred to the Dade County Jail in Miami, due to a probation violation. Upon arriving, he was immediately seen by the psychiatrist, who upon review of William’s Martin County psychiatric file, discovered the error in dosages made by the Martin County jail Medical Department. The dosages were immediately corrected and after a week William began to regain some control of his thoughts.

It was during this time that William began to recall some of the events during his sentencing in Martin County and he believed he had been sentenced to twenty years for an incident involving a car collision. The problem was that he had never been charged with a car collision. But his mind was still very hazy and he was still unsure and confused.

William began to call his family and tell them about his belief he had been sentenced for an incident involving a car collision.

Due to William’s past, and the fact that he had just received twenty years incarceration, the family believed he was once again experiencing psychiatric problems and possibly having a mental breakdown. But he continued to call them daily pleading with them to at least verify it.

Finally, in order to calm him, they contacted Attorney Stone and asked what charges William plead out to.

Attorney Stone informed them that it was Aggravated Battery. When asked what the facts were surrounding that charge Attorney Stone was unable to given an answer. When pressed further, Stone became hostile and hung up.

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