The Corruption of Absolute Power

Once again, the maximum that absolute power corrupts absolutely rings true in this account of how justice became cross’-threaded in Martin County, Florida. Checks and balances of established procedures have been manipulated by those sworn to uphold the very core of liberty and justice. As each law enforcement, judicial and government agency becomes aware of the Martin County injustice and criminal acts, they too participate in the continued concealment. Deniability is a security where exposure will amount to criminal indictment, civil liability, and termination.

This forum, which has assisted in the changing of governments, presents now, the opportunity for each reader to participate by becoming the light from which this corrupt darkness cannot flee.

The claims made herein, as outlandish as they may sound, are all backed by documents, reports, sworn testimony and evidence. Which has taken six (6) painstaking years to obtain, and countless thousands of dollars.

What started as a vendetta, and later conspiracy between Martin County Deputy Sheriff Joseph Kukuvka and Martin County Assistant State Attorney Vickie Nichols to charge, and prosecute William Westervelt, has now become a full blown scandal involving Martin County Sheriff Robert Crowder, Martin County State Attorney Bruce Colton, and numerous departments and individuals within the Martin County Sheriff’s Office, State Attorney’s Office and Judicial System.

Elected and Public Officials enjoy what is called Qualified Immunity. One of the benefits of Qualified Immunity is that they cannot be criminally prosecuted for certain offenses. Although the range is broad, there are certain crimes and instances when Qualified Immunity does not apply.

Based on extensive research, and evidence, that is currently in the possession of William Westervelt, and his family, Sheriff Robert Crowder, State Attorney Bruce Colton, several high ranking Martin County Officials, and their subordinates, are not entitled to claim Qualified Immunity, and are subject to criminal prosecution, and civil liability.

These individuals are well aware of the penalties they face if these documented atrocities are brought to light, and have already gone to great lengths to conceal them.

The power they wield is enormous, and their tentacles are long, and far-reaching. So far, they have been able to thwart every attempt by William Westervelt, and his family to seek justice.

The family’s attempts, while climbing Florida’s ladder of corruption, have finally taken them to departments within the Governor’s Office. Sadly, these too partake in the concealment.

With nowhere left to turn, the family turns to you, the public, and asks for your help. After reading this account of events, it is their hope that you too will be outraged and feel compelled to participate in exposing these corrupt officials, and the degenerate offices they oversee.

The story has many twists and turns and daily posts will be detailing this journey adding more facts and fury. Please follow.

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3 Responses to The Corruption of Absolute Power

  1. misicpma says:

    Please visit the web site and see what Judge Schack and his corrupt group did.

  2. Dennis Monroe says:


    • Admin says:

      The Sheriff needs to be voted out. Bruce Colton,Vickie Nichols, Nita Denton, John Heatherington are all inept and corrupt idiots supposedly protecting the citizens. The citizens need to be protected from the 19th Circuit and the Martin County Sheriffs Dept.

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