Book deal signed.

As a friend to William Westervelt and his family, I have worked to bring William’s story of injustice with the Martin County legal system for sometime.  The family members and I have not been very successful in bringing these lawbreaking injustices delivered day after day to William by the myriad of legal agencies and legal personnel of Martin County. 

William Westervelt has served 8 of his 17 year sentence for a crime he did not commit nor ever existed as the Mandamus demonstrates.  State Prosecutor Vickie Nichols, Judge Sherwood  Bauer, Judge Elizabeth Metzger and Clerk of the Courts are all very aware of this deception.   State Prosecutor Vickie Nichols and a large cast of characters have created this crime that which William is now serving time.  All allegations ever made within this blog are substantiated via documentation, testimony, lack of documentation, notarized documents, pictures, lack of pictures, appeals, mandamus request etc..

The quest to resolve this atrocity  is still viable with the State Attorneys Office via a Mitigation of Sentence document.  I know that William is ready to go home.

William has given his time for the battery on Leo’s; another shady and illegal incident  initiated by ring leader D/S Joseph Kukuvka and substantiated by SA Vickie Nichols as to the initiated arrest of William Westervelt.   To date, Attorney Tom Genumg (assigned by Judge Levin) to locate the documents and evidence pertaining to the additional three” Direct File Information” counts that Vickie Nichols added without any substation from the sheriffs dept. . The methods employed of letters, faxes email, public records requests, phone calls, private investigations etc. all  of which must be documented by law.  Although, these items should be in the states files they have never been produced or substantiated. Why? Because they do not exist! Tom Genumg will never be able to find this information. Once Tom realizes that these items do not exist he will have to produce a legal maneuver to side step this horrific act committed by several legal personal within the Martin County legal system.

William Westervelt will be waiting for a” Mitagation of Sentence” to be handed down by the State Attorneys office for the next two weeks then he will file with the Federal Agencies.  In the mean time the editor and ghost writer have started on recounting  the painful journey  that William Westervelt and his family have endured through the Martin County Justice System.    

As the new year commences, William and his family pray for the powers that be to step forward and do the right thing and let this innocent man go home and live out the rest of his life in New England with family. 

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