Unbelievable Response

William Westervelt and his family are grateful and astonished that over 1400 viewers have visited this blog site and have imparted helpful information, encouragement and their own experiences. 

Currently, the sister of William has sent another letter to the Office of the Governor, Notary Education division Ms. Heather Slager to demand Ms. Melanie Coon (Notary for Judge Darren Steele – Stuart)  to answer the reason why she violated  statute 117.05(4)(d) of the manufactured document/ Second Amended Information. Unfortunately, Ms. Melanie Coons continues to avoid / evade the demand as the truth would tie her and SA Vickie Nichols to a despicable criminal action leading to a manufactured crime in which William is serving time.   

Ms. Melanie Coons refused to answer a direct question but instead has committed libelous attacks on the character of Ms. Smith, William’s sister. Ms. Smith,  has written a letter to Ms. Melanie Coons employer, Judge Darren Steele, demanding an apology for the many unfounded and untruthful comments that were made about her. To date, Ms. Coon’s and the Honorable Judge Darren Steele refuse to acknowledge this unlawful treatment that was inflicted upon Ms. Smith. 

Next week new information on the Martin County Clerk of the Court docket disaster.  

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