Judge McMann must order ADVERSE INFERENCE against Martin County Sheriff Office.

January 28, 2013 at 10:30 a.m. Sheriff Crowder will appear in the court room of the Honorable Judge James W. McCann to determine if he should be dismissed from the allegations of wrong doing within his organization. 

Due to the reckless behavior of the MCSD, we can assume that there was derogatory actions as MCSO CANNOT show otherwise.

William Westervelt made the assertion that criminal actions where committed against him in the Martin County Jail  on a certain the date and time prior to any knowledge of the blacked out video produced by the  MCJail. Why was the tape  blacked out on the same date and time of assertion?

William Westervelt was secure in his knowledge the actions would be adequately recorded and presented by Sheriff Crowder and the Martin County Sheriffs Office. 

Sheriff Crowder and the Martin County jail/ Sheriffs Office assert that the equipment was faulty. 

William Westervelt insists the not only the assault but the deletion of the second video the recorded the assault was intentional.

Sheriff Crowder and the MCSO claim in was a mistake.

Why is Sheriff Crowder,  the Martin County Sheriffs Office, Clerk of the Court ( Marsha Ewing) and the Law Offices of Jolly, Purdy, Giuffreda and Barranco refusing to locate the retired employee Lt. Todd Neal the operator of the video taping debacle to testify but rather keep him hidden?

William is insisting that the courts compel Lt. Todd Neal a former employee of the MCSO to be found and subpeoned to  answer the important questions that need to be answered. Why was  a blacked out video sent to Westervelt? How did this deletion of the video tape happen?  Why is it over 3 years that Sheriff Crowder and his organization refuse to answer simple questions?

 There are many questions as to why, Sheriff  Crowder did not instruct his offices to follow protocol and find answers to the allegations of the blacked out video.  Sheriff Crowder was aware that  D/S Joseph Kukukvka  assaulted William Westervelt and was aware the second crucial video piece received by William and family over one year later was completely blacked out?

The Honorable Judge McCann Should not  dismiss Sheriff Crowder from this civil case.  Sheriff Crowder must not be dismissed and must take responsibility for this reckless,sloppy and illegal behavior within his agency. 

The Honorable Judge McCann MUST ORDER an ADVERSE INFERENCE. Why? Because the sheriffs did not secure and protect relevant material to the case and therefore cannot prove that the act on William Westervelt did not happen.

How will the Corrupt System treat William Westervelt this week?

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1 Response to Judge McMann must order ADVERSE INFERENCE against Martin County Sheriff Office.

  1. I have so much dirt and proof that the sheriff’s office and judicial systems corrupt. I would love to show all. Please contact me for more Info. I am currently filing a formal complaint against judge steele and have more info on sheriff’s office like my grandson was hit by a deputy in April, dragged25 feet and guess what no action against deputy, this was her 6th wreck in 10 years and they are trying to cover the whole thing up. In accident report she was not on a call but log record shows she was on way to burglary call. Please contact me for lots more.

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