Help is on the way!

It has been sometime since William’s family has entered information and updates into this blog. Definitely, not because things are at a stand still. It is quite the opposite. 

Since the last entry, William’s file from the State Attorneys office(which Nita Denton prepared) is missing all the charging documents to include warrants, affidavits, reports, pictures any and all information pertaining to the Count 3(Aggravated battery) in which William is serving 15 years. 

When this incomplete pilfered file was sent to the Appeal court devoid of the information that was being appealed.Needless to say the Appel Court PCA’ed the case.  William has paperwork from the S.A. indicating the paperwork should be present. William’s family purchased the CD from the Clerk of the Court and the paperwork is also missing from the docket file. Referring back to the Melanie Coons, Florida State Notary reprimand  by the Governors Office. This bogus document was the only information charging William with the crime with again no substantiation.  To date, Melanie Coons,JA for Judge Darren Steele has refused to give the exact notary date on this pivotal charging document. 

 William sent a motion to  the Honorable Judge Levin, he in return asked  Attorney Thomas Genung to retrieve this information. Attorney Genung did nothing but send a reply with William directing him to contact the Clerk of Court for these documents. William and the family had already pursued that course two years ago with no avail. 

William has requested the Honorable Judge Levin pursue these documents in a more direct and aggressive manner. The family has written the Honorable Judge to please help locate the documents. To date, the Judge refuses to respond. Why? Could it be that he realizes that these documents do not exist or if they do, they reveal the truth that William was actually the victim of the Aggravated battery? As is stands no one can produce any of the charging documents. Since they charging documents  cannot be produced they must not exist. Therefore, William must be innocent of this alleged crime in which he is serving 15 years. 

On a different subject, is the Civil suit against the Martin County Sheriffs Office in which they destroyed video footage of a crime being committed on William by D/S Joseph Kukuvka.  The Law Firm, the Clerk of the Courts and the Martin County Sherifs Office refuse to locate the retired D/S Todd Neal who is one of the crucial witnesses.  Ms. Susan Clonin MCSO records dept.  refuses to answer her interrogatories even though she has now officially broken the law at this point. The law Offices of Jolly and Purdy out Miami continue to spend the tax payers money to impede justice on defending the criminal actions of Lt. Fritchie Internal Affairs, D/S Joseph Kukuvka, Sheriff Crowder, Susan Clonan, Todd Neal and several other MCSO employees. 

Judge McCann continues to pull the typical maneuvers that are by no means portraying fair just decisions.Skirting on illegal acts in relation to this civil case.  

All is not lost though, the writing of the book is going well.   William has been approached and accepted to have his criminal case be represented by a large law firm pro bono as they see the glaring injustice that has perpetrated on him .  The details are being finalized and I believe we will eventually see movement in exposing the lawlessness of certain elected and judicial officials in the Martin County Justice system. 

 After 8 long years of pursuing justice for William, family and friends  feel that the blessing we were praying for has arrived. Faith is a must in this world.  

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