Attorney General caught filing false information and concealing evidence.


 In March 2013, William filed a Federal petition with the United States District Court. 

Attorney General Mitchell A. Egber Bar No. 35619 1515 Assistant Attorney General Florida  1515 North Flagler Drive Suite 900 West Palm Beach, Florida 33401 Telephone: (561) 837-5000, was assigned to represent the State of Florida ( Martin County.)  Attorney General Egber is not stranger to William Westervelt’s case, as he has represented Martin County in the past, at the appeal level. 

Shortly, after William filed the Federal Petition with the USDC.  The USDC ordered Attorney General Egber to respond. In AG Egbar’s response received in May of 2013,  it was discovered that he COMMITTED PURGER  and he also had knowingly REMOVED NUMEROUS KEY DOCUMENTS FROM THE OFFICIAL COURT FILE before submitting it to the United States District Court! But Why Would he do this ? 

Previously, the Honorable Judge Sherwood Bauer, made an illegal, illegitimate and erroneous ruling against William in his 3850 evidentiary hearing. Why? Because if Judge Bauer  ruled for a retrial (knowing what we know now and all the evidence in tact) Vickie Nichols (State Attorney), Melanie Coons (JA for Judge Darrin Steele), Martin County Sheriff Office employees, Jerome Stone (Attorney) and so many more top justice officials in Martin County would certainly be tried and convicted on criminal charges. 

William immediately, notified the USDC and included the copies of the documents the State Attorney Genereal Egber had pilfered from the file and explained their significance. 

On June 26, 2013, the United States District Court reviewed Williams claims and found them to be factual. Further review revealed that over thirty(30) pages of documents and court orders, had been removed from the Official Court File which Attorney General Egber had included with his “Response”. All of these documents pertain to the VIOLATIONS William suffered at the the hands of the HONORABLE JUDGE SHERWOOD BAUER. 

These crucial documents have been replaced that will demonstrate the validity of the several miscarriages of justice inflicted on William by the Honorable Judge Sherwood Bauer and AG Mitchell A. Egber.  The USDC will address these issues at an upcomming hearing date in which the outcome will be posted on this  blog as soon as a decision is rendered.  



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