Updates on the William Westervelt civil case against the Martin County Sheriffs office.

Martin County Sheriff Offices hire Purdy, Jolly, Giuffreda & Barranco, P.A.  of Fort Lauderdale to represent Sheriff Robert Crowder,  D/S Joseph Kukuvka, D/S Dennis Fritchie, D/S Brian Gervis,  and now Susan Clonan. 

Susan Clonan was the head of the Records Dept for the MCSO for many years and now retired. Due to her substantial supporting role in not fully complying and honoring  William’s rights to a FS 119 request, she has received and answered interrogatories that have now placed her in contempt.  Now with this admission, the MCSO realized they must have the Law Firm  represent Susan Clonan at this point. 

D/S Joseph has answered his interrogatories and also admits that he was in the Martin County Jail for a second time the morning of when the second alleged assault took place.

Unfortunately,  only an erased/destroyed video exists. FDLE and MCSO internal affairs illegally withheld evidence by ending the report investigation time at 7am and by  not admitting the of the fact that D/S Joseph Kukuvka  did infact come back to the jail at the time that William was threatened the second time by D/S Joe Kukuvka.  

William and his family were the only ones to recently uncover this information.  The Martin County Sheriffs Office never completely complied with the original FS119 request of investigating the time frame from 6:30 to 8:30 am.  

So why was the  jail surveillance video blacked the time of the second threat on William was committed? Because, D/S Joe Kukuvka was in the jail.  The MCSO realized that and could not disprove  the second threat caught on tape  so they just erased/destroyed the evidence.  

It appears we have an erased video, withheld evidence, refusing to fully comply with original 119 request to hide information, two threatening assaults and a  many corrupt actions on behalf of the Martin County Sheriffs Office.  

To be continued. 

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