Judge Darren Steele JA Melanie L. Coons receives reprimand

One year has passed, still Ms. Melanie Coons J.A. for Judge Darren Steele,  still  refuses to answer a direct question by The Executive Office of the Governor, Notary Division. Instead,  Ms. Coons has committed libelous attacks on the character of Ms. Smith, William’s sister.  

The Governors office requested,  Ms. Coons  to answer as per Notary Sect. 117.05(4)(d) ” The exact date if the notarization” on the Second Amended Information that was tied to surreptitious acts. The same document that was illegally filed with the Clerk of the Courts by S.A. Vickie Nichols.

To date, Ms. Melanie Coons received a Formal Reprimand from the Governors Office but still refused to comply with the States request. Why? Why has Melanie Coons  chosen to  receive a Formal Reprimand and commit libelous attacks on a person she has never met before in lieu of answering one question about her work product? What is she hiding?

After 8 years of uncovering documentation, It is now realized that IF Ms. Coons justified why her Notorial Act  has a  6 month differential from the date from the “illegal clerk filing ” the notary date falls on a Saturday and predates the 1st Amended Information date by 8 days that would clearly incriminate her and State Attorney Vickie Nichols of Manufacturing evidence.  Which did in fact take place.   

Ms. Smith, has written a letter to Ms. Melanie Coons employer, Judge Darren Steele, asking for an apology due to the unfounded and untruthful comments that were made about her and about William Westervelt. As expected, the Judge refuses to acknowledge his J.A. has committed illegal acts. I hope Judge Steele exercises more diligence on the bench.

Ms. Smith continues to work with the new head of The Governors Office, Notary Division to resolve the issue of Ms. Coons act of refusing to comply with the one simple question.  What is the exact date of your notorial act on William Westervelt’s Second Amended Information that was prepared by State Attorney Vickie Nichols? 

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  1. Admin says:

    Reblogged this on Martin County Is Corrupt and commented:

    Ms. Melanie Coons received a Formal Reprimand from the Governors Office but still refused to comply with the States request. Why? Because she worked with State Attorney Vicki Nichols to contrive a case against William Westervelt. After 10 years of collecting evidence, I am going after Vickie Nichols. I will not rest until she is exposed for her illegal activities.. Is this how she has to win a case or practice law by cheating? Stamford graduate?

  2. Abby Livigne says:

    I need legal help concerning a case with judge Steele and Vicki Nichols ASAP

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