Judge McCann Protects Sheriffs and Denies Justice


The family of William Westervelt would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have given their help and encouragement since the posting of this blog (martincountycorruption.com)

But most recently the anonymous individual(s) in the Martin County Sheriffs Office who made the decision to come forward and release the information that has now led to the obtaining of documents and records that the Sheriffs office had knowingly and intentionally withheld since 2009. All of which are in connection with the assaults that took place in the Martin County Jail against William Westervelt by Martin County Detective Joseph Kukuvka, and later-cover up.

The selfless act of releasing this sensitive information clearly shows that not all personnel at the Martin County Sheriffs Office approve of the criminal and distasteful conduct that has, and continues to take place.

Currently, based on newly discovered material, the family of William Westervelt has made contact with Sheriff William Snyder and requested that he open a criminal investigation into this matter.


As previously stated, a civil lawsuit was filed in 2011 (case no: 11-1406CA) which addressed the assaults that took place in the Martin County Jail, and the later concealment. Previous Sheriff Robert Crowder, detective Joseph Kukuvka, and several other high ranking members of the M.C.S.O have been named  as defendants. After the filling of the lawsuit, Judge James W. McCann was assigned. Several months ago in the blog, the violations of law, and bizarre behavior William has been subjected to at the hands of Judge McCann in his efforts to protect the defendants was reported.

Last month Judge McCann was made aware of the newly discovered evidence that had been withheld by the M.C.S.O and received copies of the documents and reports. This material was introduced to Judge McCann by motion, which is required by law, and is to be used as evidence at trial. Yet to date, Judge McCann refuses to acknowledge it’s existence.

Even more disturbing is the dereliction of duties Judge McCann is now exhibiting by refusing to rule on numerous outstanding motions that are currently before him. Judge McCann’s lawlessness knows no bounds as he has now allowed a motion filed by William against Lt. Jerry Todd Neal to be scheduled months away by attorney Garrett Elsinger who does not even represent him.

Martin County Chief Justice Steve Levin has now been made aware of Judge McCann’s actions and his intervention is hoped for.

Although, this hope is not strong, as Chief Justice Levin has been aware of William plight for years and in fact, 2 months ago actually sent Williams family a letter of condolence. In this letter Chief Judge Levin made a feeble attempt to explain why he is unable to exercise his given authority over the court system he is in charge of and has been elected to oversee.

In closing, it seems Judge McCann despite now having physical evidence in his possession depicting criminal actions in this case, will continue to protect these individuals and deny justice. Thereby partaking in the concealment  of this crime and joining in the ranks if the numerous others. Obviously Judge McCann is under the mistaken belief that his actions will be shielded from justice based on the status of the defendants. 

Currently, efforts are being made outside of Martin County to initiate an investigation and it is the hopes of William and his family that will be held accountable.

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3 Responses to Judge McCann Protects Sheriffs and Denies Justice

  1. Diane Holbrook says:

    See Case #13-814 CA and been to 4DCA for Notice of Appeal non-final Order Case #4D13-4751 and been to Florida Supreme Court, Et Al. Currently doing 4DCA for Notice of Appeal to be filed by April 9, 2015.

  2. Yvette says:

    Shouldn’t throw stones when you live in a glass house. Martin County is no more corrupt than Broward County and Miami-Dade County. Certain group of people think they own Broward County and a certain group of people thinks Miami Dade County belongs to them. Just mad because they don’t have control and political ties to do what they want in other counties in Florida. So much unfair and unethical practices in Broward and Miami Dade County.

    • Admin says:

      Not sure I understand the throwing stones comment however, agree with you many of these counties are bought and paid for no justice just greed and control.

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