Martin County Justice places William Westervelt on their hit list to kill him in his bed.

On Friday morning January 3rd, Williiam just happened to wake up early before heading to chow(breakfast) on the way to chow he was attached by an inmate with a knife and his neck was slit from ear to ear.  He was rushed and life flight to the hospital where he received emergency surgery and  was stabilized. He was sent back to the infirmary at the Desoto coreectioal against the hospitals recommendations.  

He is now forced to recover in confinement. William has been informed by certain personal that he was supposed to be killed while sleeping in his bed and the directive was apparently given by the authorities that William has been battling for years over the manufactured information by the Martin County judicial system that rendered him gully on aggravated battery on a Police officer to coincide with the Williams accusation and video to prove this accusation of D/S Kukuvka aggressively threatening William. 

Is this what it has come too! The directives from the Martin County good ole boys club  to kill an person that is looking for justice?  This is a warning to all if anything happens to William Westervelt Martin County will be the first place the attorneys will look and with all the information William and the family possesses it will be very easy to target this sadistic group of judges and law enforcement that reign over Martin County. 

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2 Responses to Martin County Justice places William Westervelt on their hit list to kill him in his bed.

  1. beth says:

    i know how corrupt martin county sheriffs are! They make their own rules and their own evidence! I have lots of proof! Anyone that is out to get that corrupted county contact me via email @

    • Admin says:

      I agree! Go to the Arch Angels web site that will give you a little confidence that you are not alone and there is a great group ready to fight corruption.

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