The Sun Herald Reports on Williams Attempted Murder Is Martin County behind this brutal attack?

Thankfully, William is alive and recovering. No thanks to the medical staff and the warden at De Soto Correctional.  Had the Warden and others had heeded the plea’s months earlier by William and his sister this would have never had happened, or would it have happened?  

There is much chatter coming from within the walls that a couple of prison guards (names are being withheld due to investigations)  were given directives by Martin County to dispose of William Westervelt via murder.  Why?  Could it be that Judge Mc Cann and the Martin County Sheriffs Offices are tired of having to break the law to defend themselves on the continued coverup and deflection of the assault that D/S Kukuvka committed on William 3 years ago? The first act was captured on video however,  the 2nd assault that was committed by D/S Joseph Kukuvka on the same day Unfortunately the second video was erased and or blacked out! 

The ongoing waste of taxpayers dollars are being spent at an alarming rate to cover the many illegal acts of Martin County Sheriffs Dept. and the Judicial system. 

William Westervelt’s family has definitive evidence in their possession that clearly shows that Internal Affairs over seen by Lt. Fritchie  did not conduct a full investigation but rather willfully lied on this legal document by omitting the incriminating evidence to suit there narrative of innocence. But how can they be innocent when there is clear information that the second video was purposely blacked out to cover up the actions of the the D/S Kukuvka’s retaliation on William.  Why would they go to great lengths to retreat rather then to respond with honesty and accountability.  

The bigger question is, is there a correlation between the attempt on Williams life and the constant harassment of the Martin County Justices and Martin County Sheriffs Office. How far will Martin County go?  Between the newspaper and the Attorney I know we will find the origination of the premeditated murder plans of William Westervelt.  Please all pray for Williams safety as he is still in danger in De Soto and soon will be transferred who knows where.  We hold Florida DOC accountable and in charge of Williams Safety. 


DCI inmate reportedly stabbed

   An inmate at the DeSoto Correctional Institution was reportedly air-lifted with severe injuries on Friday after being attacked by one or more fellow inmates, but details have not been released.


   Misty Cash, deputy public information officer for the Florida Department of Corrections, confirmed that William Westervelt was involved in an altercation with another inmate or inmates Friday. However, because of medical privacy laws, she could not confirm his medical status.


   The Bradenton Herald newspaper, however, cited a Bradenton Police Department report stating that DCI asked BPD to help guard a prisoner who was flown to Blake Medical Center in Manatee County after he was cut in the neck by other inmates. The Bradenton paper reported that the prisoner was “jumped by several other prisoners … and they cut his neck long and deep.” BPD, however, could not provide The Arcadian with any report about this incident or any other information.


   Although neither DCI nor DOC personnel confirmed any details about the incident, Victoria Smith of Pennsylvania, who said she is Westervelt’s sister, told The Arcadian he had been harassed for several months by some other inmates in a “faith-based program,” and that she had repeatedly communicated with prison staff about it. These individuals, she said, attacked him Friday morning at breakfast and “cut my brother almost from ear to ear.” She said she was told DCI plans to treat the incident as an aggravated assault, although she believes it was an attempted murder. Westervelt’s family is seeking to have him transferred to a different facility in Florida.

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  1. misicpma says:

    Hi Vicki, Steve asked me to please tell Billy that he is so sorry what happened to him and that he is in Steve’s prayers. I too am appalled & will keep him in my prayers.

    Pat 🙂


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