The Anatomy of a Cover Up! The Anatomy of a Cover Up!

1.    They receive a complaint from victims alleging very serious or criminal misconduct by the MCSO,

2.    They deliberately omit reviewing the most serious allegations,

3.    They treat multiple citizen victims as if there is only one,

4.    They pretend that the violation was not a crime but just a rules/policy violation.

5.    They allow the MCSO employee to lie and then pretend that he was truthful,

6.    They pretend to discipline the wrongdoing MCSO employee by claiming they               reprimanded him,

7.    They promote the wrongdoing Lieutenant to Captain within two months,

8.    They write a false report claiming that they have done a “thorough” and “complete” investigation,

9.    They add that they have taken all the actions necessary against the wrongdoer,

10.  Their report forecloses any further action by the State Attorney and/or the FDLE.

But wait, there’s more,
But you’ll have to look under the rug to find it.

Ira B. Robins                                                     Salvatore Rastrelli
Post Office Box 302                                                        3110 South East Slater Street                       
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201                                      Stuart, Florida 34997
414-305-8832                                                                   772-215-1162                           



Investigative Experts” has submitted the following complaint to Governor Rick Scott,  Attorney General Pam Bondi, United States Congressman Patrick Murphy, United States Attorney Ft. Pierce, and 19th District State Attorney Bruce Colton.

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2 Responses to The Anatomy of a Cover Up! The Anatomy of a Cover Up!

  1. Jess Perry says:

    Please contact Jess Perry in regard to Providence case 1/2018 forensics unit and WPB case 2/3018. See FB and Youtube for bidro content. 810 Douglas Ave 3rd floor Providence RI 02908. Currently in Ft Lauderdale. 2083 Chagall Cir WPB FL 33409. 401-636-8322

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