William Westervelt hires attorney and law suit is filed!

As William has lost over 15 pounds due to the Attempted Murder and he has been in confinement since January 3, 2014 his spirits remain optimistic. There is much background information to his attempted murder that still cannot be discussed as the investigation and law suit is in progress.

The attorney representing William has filed a lawsuit against the DOC for violation of his Eighth Amendment Rights and the naming the incompetent and evil Warden Lawrence of Desoto C.I and his Assistant Warden Murphy whom were well aware that this incident was in the process of becoming a reality and did nothing. Although, not named in the suit the Chaplin whom was very aware of these issues also turned deaf ear on William.  He too is as guilty.  

Simultaneously,  a lawsuit against Wexford Health Services will be sued for the neglect and inadequate healthcare of an inmate. 

More to follow. 

William Westervelt and his family would like to thank the over 5300 viewers of this blog since it’s inception.  May justice prevail throughout Martin County and our fair land. 

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