Mission for this blog has been renewed.

As the weeks have progressed,  William Westervelt has endured more than anyone in our fair legal system should ever have endured from the Florida DOC and it employees.  At this time he has been jerked around by the higher and lower powers in order to punish him in making waves for institution of the DOC. Assistant Warden Murphy and Sergeant White  who are employees of DeSoto Correctional Institution took William on a walk and threatened him to go along with the many illegal(contraband items, homosexual and other various violent activities within the “Faith based Dorm”.  This all of course before the attempted murder of William. We know and will prove that Sergeant White was instrumental is this heinous crime. 

Please review the current lawsuit William Westervelt has against the employees of the Florida Department of Corrections. Westervelt complaint.docxWestervelt complaint.docx

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