Judge Darren Steele JA Melanie L. Coons receives reprimand

One year has passed, still Ms. Melanie Coons J.A. for Judge Darren Steele,  still  refuses to answer a direct question by The Executive Office of the Governor, Notary Division. Instead,  Ms. Coons has committed libelous attacks on the character of Ms. Smith, William’s sister.  

The Governors office requested,  Ms. Coons  to answer as per Notary Sect. 117.05(4)(d) ” The exact date if the notarization” on the Second Amended Information that was tied to surreptitious acts. The same document that was illegally filed with the Clerk of the Courts by S.A. Vickie Nichols.

To date, Ms. Melanie Coons received a Formal Reprimand from the Governors Office but still refused to comply with the States request. Why? Why has Melanie Coons  chosen to  receive a Formal Reprimand and commit libelous attacks on a person she has never met before in lieu of answering one question about her work product? What is she hiding?

After 8 years of uncovering documentation, It is now realized that IF Ms. Coons justified why her Notorial Act  has a  6 month differential from the date from the “illegal clerk filing ” the notary date falls on a Saturday and predates the 1st Amended Information date by 8 days that would clearly incriminate her and State Attorney Vickie Nichols of Manufacturing evidence.  Which did in fact take place.   

Ms. Smith, has written a letter to Ms. Melanie Coons employer, Judge Darren Steele, asking for an apology due to the unfounded and untruthful comments that were made about her and about William Westervelt. As expected, the Judge refuses to acknowledge his J.A. has committed illegal acts. I hope Judge Steele exercises more diligence on the bench.

Ms. Smith continues to work with the new head of The Governors Office, Notary Division to resolve the issue of Ms. Coons act of refusing to comply with the one simple question.  What is the exact date of your notorial act on William Westervelt’s Second Amended Information that was prepared by State Attorney Vickie Nichols? 

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Updates on the William Westervelt civil case against the Martin County Sheriffs office.

Martin County Sheriff Offices hire Purdy, Jolly, Giuffreda & Barranco, P.A.  of Fort Lauderdale to represent Sheriff Robert Crowder,  D/S Joseph Kukuvka, D/S Dennis Fritchie, D/S Brian Gervis,  and now Susan Clonan. 

Susan Clonan was the head of the Records Dept for the MCSO for many years and now retired. Due to her substantial supporting role in not fully complying and honoring  William’s rights to a FS 119 request, she has received and answered interrogatories that have now placed her in contempt.  Now with this admission, the MCSO realized they must have the Law Firm  represent Susan Clonan at this point. 

D/S Joseph has answered his interrogatories and also admits that he was in the Martin County Jail for a second time the morning of when the second alleged assault took place.

Unfortunately,  only an erased/destroyed video exists. FDLE and MCSO internal affairs illegally withheld evidence by ending the report investigation time at 7am and by  not admitting the of the fact that D/S Joseph Kukuvka  did infact come back to the jail at the time that William was threatened the second time by D/S Joe Kukuvka.  

William and his family were the only ones to recently uncover this information.  The Martin County Sheriffs Office never completely complied with the original FS119 request of investigating the time frame from 6:30 to 8:30 am.  

So why was the  jail surveillance video blacked the time of the second threat on William was committed? Because, D/S Joe Kukuvka was in the jail.  The MCSO realized that and could not disprove  the second threat caught on tape  so they just erased/destroyed the evidence.  

It appears we have an erased video, withheld evidence, refusing to fully comply with original 119 request to hide information, two threatening assaults and a  many corrupt actions on behalf of the Martin County Sheriffs Office.  

To be continued. 

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Attorney General caught filing false information and concealing evidence.


 In March 2013, William filed a Federal petition with the United States District Court. 

Attorney General Mitchell A. Egber Bar No. 35619 1515 Assistant Attorney General Florida  1515 North Flagler Drive Suite 900 West Palm Beach, Florida 33401 Telephone: (561) 837-5000, was assigned to represent the State of Florida ( Martin County.)  Attorney General Egber is not stranger to William Westervelt’s case, as he has represented Martin County in the past, at the appeal level. 

Shortly, after William filed the Federal Petition with the USDC.  The USDC ordered Attorney General Egber to respond. In AG Egbar’s response received in May of 2013,  it was discovered that he COMMITTED PURGER  and he also had knowingly REMOVED NUMEROUS KEY DOCUMENTS FROM THE OFFICIAL COURT FILE before submitting it to the United States District Court! But Why Would he do this ? 

Previously, the Honorable Judge Sherwood Bauer, made an illegal, illegitimate and erroneous ruling against William in his 3850 evidentiary hearing. Why? Because if Judge Bauer  ruled for a retrial (knowing what we know now and all the evidence in tact) Vickie Nichols (State Attorney), Melanie Coons (JA for Judge Darrin Steele), Martin County Sheriff Office employees, Jerome Stone (Attorney) and so many more top justice officials in Martin County would certainly be tried and convicted on criminal charges. 

William immediately, notified the USDC and included the copies of the documents the State Attorney Genereal Egber had pilfered from the file and explained their significance. 

On June 26, 2013, the United States District Court reviewed Williams claims and found them to be factual. Further review revealed that over thirty(30) pages of documents and court orders, had been removed from the Official Court File which Attorney General Egber had included with his “Response”. All of these documents pertain to the VIOLATIONS William suffered at the the hands of the HONORABLE JUDGE SHERWOOD BAUER. 

These crucial documents have been replaced that will demonstrate the validity of the several miscarriages of justice inflicted on William by the Honorable Judge Sherwood Bauer and AG Mitchell A. Egber.  The USDC will address these issues at an upcomming hearing date in which the outcome will be posted on this  blog as soon as a decision is rendered.  



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Help is on the way!

It has been sometime since William’s family has entered information and updates into this blog. Definitely, not because things are at a stand still. It is quite the opposite. 

Since the last entry, William’s file from the State Attorneys office(which Nita Denton prepared) is missing all the charging documents to include warrants, affidavits, reports, pictures any and all information pertaining to the Count 3(Aggravated battery) in which William is serving 15 years. 

When this incomplete pilfered file was sent to the Appeal court devoid of the information that was being appealed.Needless to say the Appel Court PCA’ed the case.  William has paperwork from the S.A. indicating the paperwork should be present. William’s family purchased the CD from the Clerk of the Court and the paperwork is also missing from the docket file. Referring back to the Melanie Coons, Florida State Notary reprimand  by the Governors Office. This bogus document was the only information charging William with the crime with again no substantiation.  To date, Melanie Coons,JA for Judge Darren Steele has refused to give the exact notary date on this pivotal charging document. 

 William sent a motion to  the Honorable Judge Levin, he in return asked  Attorney Thomas Genung to retrieve this information. Attorney Genung did nothing but send a reply with William directing him to contact the Clerk of Court for these documents. William and the family had already pursued that course two years ago with no avail. 

William has requested the Honorable Judge Levin pursue these documents in a more direct and aggressive manner. The family has written the Honorable Judge to please help locate the documents. To date, the Judge refuses to respond. Why? Could it be that he realizes that these documents do not exist or if they do, they reveal the truth that William was actually the victim of the Aggravated battery? As is stands no one can produce any of the charging documents. Since they charging documents  cannot be produced they must not exist. Therefore, William must be innocent of this alleged crime in which he is serving 15 years. 

On a different subject, is the Civil suit against the Martin County Sheriffs Office in which they destroyed video footage of a crime being committed on William by D/S Joseph Kukuvka.  The Law Firm, the Clerk of the Courts and the Martin County Sherifs Office refuse to locate the retired D/S Todd Neal who is one of the crucial witnesses.  Ms. Susan Clonin MCSO records dept.  refuses to answer her interrogatories even though she has now officially broken the law at this point. The law Offices of Jolly and Purdy out Miami continue to spend the tax payers money to impede justice on defending the criminal actions of Lt. Fritchie Internal Affairs, D/S Joseph Kukuvka, Sheriff Crowder, Susan Clonan, Todd Neal and several other MCSO employees. 

Judge McCann continues to pull the typical maneuvers that are by no means portraying fair just decisions.Skirting on illegal acts in relation to this civil case.  

All is not lost though, the writing of the book is going well.   William has been approached and accepted to have his criminal case be represented by a large law firm pro bono as they see the glaring injustice that has perpetrated on him .  The details are being finalized and I believe we will eventually see movement in exposing the lawlessness of certain elected and judicial officials in the Martin County Justice system. 

 After 8 long years of pursuing justice for William, family and friends  feel that the blessing we were praying for has arrived. Faith is a must in this world.  

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Judge McMann must order ADVERSE INFERENCE against Martin County Sheriff Office.

January 28, 2013 at 10:30 a.m. Sheriff Crowder will appear in the court room of the Honorable Judge James W. McCann to determine if he should be dismissed from the allegations of wrong doing within his organization. 

Due to the reckless behavior of the MCSD, we can assume that there was derogatory actions as MCSO CANNOT show otherwise.

William Westervelt made the assertion that criminal actions where committed against him in the Martin County Jail  on a certain the date and time prior to any knowledge of the blacked out video produced by the  MCJail. Why was the tape  blacked out on the same date and time of assertion?

William Westervelt was secure in his knowledge the actions would be adequately recorded and presented by Sheriff Crowder and the Martin County Sheriffs Office. 

Sheriff Crowder and the Martin County jail/ Sheriffs Office assert that the equipment was faulty. 

William Westervelt insists the not only the assault but the deletion of the second video the recorded the assault was intentional.

Sheriff Crowder and the MCSO claim in was a mistake.

Why is Sheriff Crowder,  the Martin County Sheriffs Office, Clerk of the Court ( Marsha Ewing) and the Law Offices of Jolly, Purdy, Giuffreda and Barranco refusing to locate the retired employee Lt. Todd Neal the operator of the video taping debacle to testify but rather keep him hidden?

William is insisting that the courts compel Lt. Todd Neal a former employee of the MCSO to be found and subpeoned to  answer the important questions that need to be answered. Why was  a blacked out video sent to Westervelt? How did this deletion of the video tape happen?  Why is it over 3 years that Sheriff Crowder and his organization refuse to answer simple questions?

 There are many questions as to why, Sheriff  Crowder did not instruct his offices to follow protocol and find answers to the allegations of the blacked out video.  Sheriff Crowder was aware that  D/S Joseph Kukukvka  assaulted William Westervelt and was aware the second crucial video piece received by William and family over one year later was completely blacked out?

The Honorable Judge McCann Should not  dismiss Sheriff Crowder from this civil case.  Sheriff Crowder must not be dismissed and must take responsibility for this reckless,sloppy and illegal behavior within his agency. 

The Honorable Judge McCann MUST ORDER an ADVERSE INFERENCE. Why? Because the sheriffs did not secure and protect relevant material to the case and therefore cannot prove that the act on William Westervelt did not happen.

How will the Corrupt System treat William Westervelt this week?

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Photographic Evidence proves that Vickie Nickels and Sheriff’s Department Lied! Free Wiilliam and send him home.

As these photos along with several more appeared only after William was illegally duped into pleading guilty for this crime of “Aggravated Battery” with a vehicle where he actually was the injured party. These pictures clearly illustrated  that this car did not t-bone Marie Becker’s car( his ex-girlfriend). However, the passenger side door panel a dent is visible under the plastic and the window is broken. Why? Because his car was T-boned by Ms. Marie Becker and Alfred Skilling. They are the people that should  be in jail for Aggravated Battery. 


Photo 1: Interior

DSC 0006


Photo 2: Left Side View

DSC 0004

 Look closely as you will see damage inflicted by Marie Becker Smiths blue mustang. Sorry no picture of Marie Becker’s car either. Somehow that detail was also over looked.  So without pictures and with testimony from the first responder D/S Lori Kandill indicating in her report that William was bleeding from the head an ambulance was called to treat and the car door damaged with broken window. Why Is William blamed for a crime he was the recipient. Why is William serving time while he is innocent? Ask SA Vickie Nichols and D/S Joseph Kukuvka. 

Photo 3: Left Front Bumper

DSC 0011

 Yes, this light is missing however, there is absolutely no damage to the car that would indicate this car t-boned another car. 

Susan Clonan finally admits after 4 years of Williams family asking, requesting, begging for the “Vehicle Storage Report” was never found. It never will be found as it does not exist. When the MCSO tows a vehicle, they must fill out a Vehicle Storage Report with has a schematic  of a vehicle. The MCSD will x areas of the vehicle that has damage. There is also an area to write down anything that is broken, dents or dings etc.  This car was towed because it was in an aggravated battery.  Yes! It was! But it was hit by Marie Becker Smith and Alfred Skillman. So Why was this car impounded? Ask D/S Joe Kukuvaka and Vickie Nichols. They hold the dirty secret and now we do too! 




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Unbelievable Response

William Westervelt and his family are grateful and astonished that over 1400 viewers have visited this blog site and have imparted helpful information, encouragement and their own experiences. 

Currently, the sister of William has sent another letter to the Office of the Governor, Notary Education division Ms. Heather Slager to demand Ms. Melanie Coon (Notary for Judge Darren Steele – Stuart)  to answer the reason why she violated  statute 117.05(4)(d) of the manufactured document/ Second Amended Information. Unfortunately, Ms. Melanie Coons continues to avoid / evade the demand as the truth would tie her and SA Vickie Nichols to a despicable criminal action leading to a manufactured crime in which William is serving time.   

Ms. Melanie Coons refused to answer a direct question but instead has committed libelous attacks on the character of Ms. Smith, William’s sister. Ms. Smith,  has written a letter to Ms. Melanie Coons employer, Judge Darren Steele, demanding an apology for the many unfounded and untruthful comments that were made about her. To date, Ms. Coon’s and the Honorable Judge Darren Steele refuse to acknowledge this unlawful treatment that was inflicted upon Ms. Smith. 

Next week new information on the Martin County Clerk of the Court docket disaster.  

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Book deal signed.

As a friend to William Westervelt and his family, I have worked to bring William’s story of injustice with the Martin County legal system for sometime.  The family members and I have not been very successful in bringing these lawbreaking injustices delivered day after day to William by the myriad of legal agencies and legal personnel of Martin County. 

William Westervelt has served 8 of his 17 year sentence for a crime he did not commit nor ever existed as the Mandamus demonstrates.  State Prosecutor Vickie Nichols, Judge Sherwood  Bauer, Judge Elizabeth Metzger and Clerk of the Courts are all very aware of this deception.   State Prosecutor Vickie Nichols and a large cast of characters have created this crime that which William is now serving time.  All allegations ever made within this blog are substantiated via documentation, testimony, lack of documentation, notarized documents, pictures, lack of pictures, appeals, mandamus request etc..

The quest to resolve this atrocity  is still viable with the State Attorneys Office via a Mitigation of Sentence document.  I know that William is ready to go home.

William has given his time for the battery on Leo’s; another shady and illegal incident  initiated by ring leader D/S Joseph Kukuvka and substantiated by SA Vickie Nichols as to the initiated arrest of William Westervelt.   To date, Attorney Tom Genumg (assigned by Judge Levin) to locate the documents and evidence pertaining to the additional three” Direct File Information” counts that Vickie Nichols added without any substation from the sheriffs dept. . The methods employed of letters, faxes email, public records requests, phone calls, private investigations etc. all  of which must be documented by law.  Although, these items should be in the states files they have never been produced or substantiated. Why? Because they do not exist! Tom Genumg will never be able to find this information. Once Tom realizes that these items do not exist he will have to produce a legal maneuver to side step this horrific act committed by several legal personal within the Martin County legal system.

William Westervelt will be waiting for a” Mitagation of Sentence” to be handed down by the State Attorneys office for the next two weeks then he will file with the Federal Agencies.  In the mean time the editor and ghost writer have started on recounting  the painful journey  that William Westervelt and his family have endured through the Martin County Justice System.    

As the new year commences, William and his family pray for the powers that be to step forward and do the right thing and let this innocent man go home and live out the rest of his life in New England with family. 

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Where in the world is Lt. Todd Neal?





Div Cor 2007 SO 3

We are offering $100 for information directly leading to the address of Lt. Todd Neal. We need to server him this week as part of the civil hearing concerning the erased video files. (Expires January 15, 2013)


Martin County Clerk of the Courts, Marsha Ewing is choosing and refusing to post this legal request of William Westervelt of in the local newspapers. The Martin County Sheriffs office refuses release the whereabouts of this past employee.  

The Law Offices of Purdy, Jolly Giuffreda & Barranco, P.A., Attorney Garrett Elsinger will be representing the Martin County Sheriffs Offices on January 24, 2013. 

 What is the importance of Lt. Todd Neal? He is one of Deputy’s directly instrumental of erasing/deleting/blacking out the video illuminating D/S Joseph Kukuvka aggressively threatening William Westervelt in the Martin County Jail. To date, The Law Offices of Purdy, Jolly, Giuffreda & Barranco, P. A.(Garrett Elsinger) feel it is not necessary to locate one of the most important witness to furnish crucial information. Denying a fair and just hearing. 


Please send information to: whydotheylie2012@gmail.com

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Standard of Care by our Elected Officials.

In the newspapers and on television, we hear  of many campaign promises by our elected civil servants.  How many of them will actually come true?

 One of the most important jobs of our elected civil servants is to over see the safety and rights of the American people.

Standard of Care intimates watchfulness, attention, caution and prudence that a reasonable person in the circumstances would exercise.

In Martin County Florida, the “standard of care” concept has vanished in many offices of our elected civil servants.  The Martin County Sheriffs Offices( under the direction of Sheriff Robert Crowder  not to exclude the employees Joseph Kukuvka, Lt. Fritchie, Susan Clonin, Terrance Nolan ),  Clerk of the Courts(under the direction of Marsha Ewing), State Attorneys Office(Bruce Colton, Diamond Litty, Nita Denton, Vickie Nichols, John Heatherington,Patrick Gillians.   The Office of Open Government ( under Carolyn Timmons), State Representative William Snyder, Judge Sherwood Bauer, Attorney Jerome Stone, Melanie L. Coons(notary which has been reprimanded by the Governors office)  are considered to be the worst offenders of this county. Why? As they have all been apprized or directly involved in the multitude of illegal, questionable, destruction and/or manufactured documents  to narrate the action to unduly send William Westervelt into incarceration.  

All of these civil servants and agencies are guilty of non compliance with the” Standard of Care” with the above information except to continue to either cover their inequities  with more false information  and/or disregard information all together.  

The Family of William Westervelt will continue to pursue and reveal the truth.  



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